The Qualified & Experienced Choice for Lancaster County Controller

Lisa Colón is currently running for the position of Lancaster County Controller.

She is the only candidate that has the knowledge, experience and qualifications to serve as your County Controller.

A proud graduate of Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Lisa has over 15 years of experience in private and governmental accounting. She is currently employed by the Lancaster County Controller’s Office as the Accounting & Auditing Assistant Manager.

With her experience and education, Lisa is prepared for the opportunity to serve all of Lancaster County residents as Lancaster County Controller.

In her free time, Lisa is often found serving others. She is an active volunteer with various organizations whose mission is to assist students, animals, homeless and our military, to name a few. She is actively engaged in our community, serving on local boards and authorities within Lancaster City and County.

Why am I running?

As a fellow taxpayer, I want to make sure that our money is used efficiently and wisely. We work hard for our families, and our elected officials should work hard for us, with our best interests at hand.

As an Accountant and Auditor I enjoy delving into the numbers or information that make up my daily tasks, whether it is through an audit report I have collated or a 364 page spreadsheet full of data.

I am a strong perpetuate of service to others. If you have the means, knowledge and ways to help others, you should. Elected officials are to be an extension of their constituents, offering them a voice in whatever position they are elected to. They are to use their knowledge in responsible ways, furthering the interests of those they serve in the appropriate manner.

If I am given the opportunity to serve as Lancaster County Controller, I will use the knowledge that I possess, and experience I have gained throughout my professional and personal life, to the best of my abilities, for all.

Lisa C.